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Fixed Deposit Account


a)       Fixed Deposit can be opened with a minimum balance of NRs. 10,000
b)       Payable on maturity
c)       Penal interest is levied on withdrawal of fixed deposit prior to maturity
d)       Interest is payable Quarterly
e)       Tax is deducted at source from the interest on saving deposit as per the income Tax Act, 2058 (2001)
f)         Nomination facility is available
g)       Strict confidentiality is assured
Tenure of Fixed Deposit:
·          Six Months
·          One Year
·          Two Years
·          Above Two Years up to Five Years


·          Individual
·          Minors
·          Trust
·          Association
·          Clubs
·          Societies
·          Corporate Offices
The copy of the following certified documents has to be submitted while requesting for opening of Account.
          Personal Account:
a)       Identification Card in the form of Citizenship
b)       Certificate/ Passport/Other ID/PAN Card
Guardianship to verified with related documents
Nominees form:
a)       Photograph of the nominee
b)       Signature of the nominee
Clubs/Societies and Association:
a)       Copy of Registration Certificate
b)       Copy of Bye-Laws
c)       Copy of resolution to open and Operate the Account
d)       List of Members
Corporate Body:
a)       Certificate of Incorporation
b)       Memorandum and Article of Association of the Company
c)       Resolution of Board of Directors to open and operate the Account
d)       Sample of Company Seal
e)       Name of Directors of the Board
Partnership Account:
a)       Certificate of Partnership Registration
b)       Copy of Partnership deed, if any
Proprietorship Account:
a)       Registration Certificate
b)       Identification of Proprietors