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SMS Alert


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SMS Alert is a Facility Provided by ADBL to its Account Holders in which Account Holder can get every Banking Transactions information in the form of SMS Alert. Whenever Transaction is done Transaction information is send to the Mobile Number which is registered in KYC (Know Your Customer) Form. ADBL automatically register all valid account Holders for SMS Alert.

Service Charge:

ADBL Provide SMS Alert Facility to its Account Holders in Free of cost.

Valid Mobile Numbers for SMS Alert

NTC and NCELL Mobile Numbers are only valid for SMS Alert.

Who Can get SMS Alert Services

All the Current, Saving ,  OD (Over Draft) Account Holders can get this Service.

Types of Alerts

       1)      Cash Deposit / Cheque  Withdrawal.

       2)      Mobile/ Internet Banking Transaction

       3)      ATM/Card Transaction.

       4)      Automatic Service/Fee/Charges.

       5)      Loan/ Interest Deduction.

       6)      Any other Debit/Credit


For Any Enquiry contact at:

Cell:  9840170511

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